Four PR – The Swedish PR agency within the Northern PR Network

Are you looking for a PR agency in Sweden that can develop you and your company and reach results?

Four PR is a PR agency in Sweden, which is one of the agencies in the Scandinavian collaboration. The PR agency develops clients in various sectors in and outside Sweden by business-driven PR, and is traditionally strong in B2B.

The Swedish PR agency has joined the PR alliance to challenge the public relations giants by offering a wide range of communication services to Scandinavian companies. Together with the Danish and Norwegian PR agencies Four PR have seen that small and medium-sized enterprises have an increasing need for communication assistance but need an alternative to the large international agencies.

The benefits of a Scandinavian PR network

The PR agency works proactively and long-term with all its customers. The PR agency develops companies, everything from strengthening the brand, creating long-term relationships to broaden expertise within the company.

Four PR focus on relationship-building communication, from relationship marketing to the long-term media that generate earned media attention. By having access to media and a large network of journalists the Swedish PR agency helps clients with strategic communication that is cost effective and result oriented.

The benefits of the Scandinavian PR alliance are that the network adapt the approach to the Nordic countries and their culture.  What works in one country may not work in another. When clients need help creating PR for the company outside their own country they just need to contact a network instead of several.

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