Our work ethics and core values

To deliver the best results, the co-operation between the alliance partners and our clients is one based upon openness and total trust. We guarantee client confidentiality, that consultants work in a responsible way, have the necessary skills and follow the highest standards of integrity. The Northern PR Network partners follow PR and industry norms with regards professional and ethical standards.

The alliance principles, which also apply to cross border activities, are as follows:

  • We strive to give a realistic prediction of the results a client can expect from specified PR and communication activities.
  • We treat confidential information with great sensitivity, during and post work that we have carried out..
  • Our ethics and values are applicable across Scandinavia.
  • We are loyal to our clients and always use business goals as a baseline for delivering on the advice and services we provide.
  • We will be honest with our feedback on how a client brief fits with our own principles and it’s suitability for the task.
  • We support open dialogue with our clients, but respect their needs for confidentiality. Generally, we will neither confirm nor deny answering questions about client relations without involving the client beforehand.
  • We are open about whom we represent, if the client and we have agreed upon involving stakeholders in the task at hand.

We task ourselves to promote respect for the contribution of the PR profession and our role as a consultant and the value that we can bring to your organization.